ARTnord 10


The issue no. 10, that was released end of June 2010, deals with how art and architecture relate to environmental problems in the Nordic and Baltic countries. After a thorough historical introduction, several themes present a survey of the way in which Nordic artists work on these questions, ranging from subtle perceptions to change of attitude and involved activists. Texts or interviews by specialists highlight the work of confirmed artists such as Olafur Eliasson, Henrik Håkansson, Tea Mäkipää and Rúrí, as well as the implication of the young generation. Reports on the main exhibitions and artistic events organized in relationship with the Climate Change Conference, COP15, complete the issue. The magazine is published in French with extracts of all articles in English.

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Askim-Lantto Architects : Elle-Mie Ejdrup Hansen : Olafur Eliasson : Petri Eskelinen : Rune Guneriussen : … Plus