ARTnord 11




What does the High North sound like? What particular qualities does this far horizon with its great spaces impart to the sense of hearing, to sound, to silence? This is what the travelling exhibition HORIZONIC, organised by ARTnord magazine, attempts to explore in subjective and unique manner. In bringing together artists associated with Greenland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Svalbard and the Norwegian North, the exhibition gives the public a chance to discover a relatively unknown, committed and vibrant sound art scene. This emerging art form, in which sound is both theobject and the material of research, is attracting an increasing number of contemporary artists, often working in multi-disciplinary fields. The artists in this exhibition show the permeability of the border between music and visual arts and their work reflects a wide range of artistic trends from field recording to installations including photography, video and drawing, the creation of instruments and performance art using the voice and the body.

Accompanying the exhibition, this issue of ARTnord offers a comprehensive presentation of Scandinavian and Baltic sound art – beginning with the experimental pioneering concerts in the 60s up to the younger generation’s interest in sonic waves, sound ecology, the cosmos and an exploration of our inner beings. These artists are not isolated by the variety of their approaches; in fact they have begun to initiate trans-Nordic, feminist and international collaborations.

A new horizon, both vibrant and complex, poetic and sensitive is coming into view.

Ásdís Ólafsdóttir and Emeline Eudes