Anne Herzog


Exhibition in the Nordic House, Reykjavik,
1-26 February 2014

Nearly 140 years after the heroes of Jules Verne, the young artist Anne Herzog went in search of the center of the earth. She followed their tracks to the Icelandic volcano Snæfellsjökull. She has also explored volcanoes in the Indian Ocean, and most recently in the Caribbean.

Anne Herzog is working on the question of the origins of the Universe, volcanic landscapes, the sites under entropic volcanic islands, land art and the butterfly effect.

Miks Mitrevics

Miks Mitrevics (born in 1980) is a young Latvian artist, whose last creations concentrate on the window that installation art opens on our relationship to landscape. Often fragile and versatile, his assemblages are tied to a scale shift which brings spectators to watch themselves in their own everyday as well as leisure environment. Lonely silhouettes, absorbed into the contemplation of an everlasting blue sky, create a romantic wave diffusing a subtle ironic perfume. If the weather is always fine in Mitrevics’ landscapes, it could be to make us visible the landscape illusions which harbour our imaginary realms. Magic of a forthcoming sustainable era, the artist feeds his installations with solar energy.

Terje Isungset

Nature owns its own music, as humans noticed it since long. What fascinates in Terje Isungset’s work (born in Norway in 1964) is the seemingly simplicity of his music instruments: stones, wood pieces, ice… But one can trust the musician’s ear; stones offer refined tunes, just as the various wood sorts. And when it comes to ice concerts, Terje Isungset shapes each piece with knife, gradually checking the tuning. Yet, the artist’s project is not fulfilled at once in the musical side of it. To work with one of the most precious natural resources is also a way to take conscious of its fragility, and the need to care about it.