Erró at Carré’s

An exhibition of Erró’s work is never just an Erró exhibition. With this artist, it’s always systematic: he never comes on his own, but is accompanied by his artist friends, as well as historical figures and other characters of fiction who follow along. They are of both sexes and all ages. Though some of them are dead, they all look very much alive.



Snow: it is on the grounds of this motif, easily connected in the continental imagination to the Scandinavian countries, that the Cultural Center Jean Cocteau in Les Lilas organizes with curator Ásdís Ólafsdóttir, in collaboration with ARTnord, an exhibition of four Icelandic, Finnish and Norwegian artists: Harpa Árnadóttir, Rune Guneriussen, Marja Helander and Pétur Thomsen.

Per Svensson


With his partiality for open areas and natural environments, Swedish artist Per Svensson (b. 1965) uses nature for inspiration to create works of art which are both complex and poetical. Based on extensive observation of biological systems he realizes sound pieces, live audio and video performances, drawings and unique installations in which science is always close to the occult. Creator of what he calls alchemic platforms, Svensson elaborates new geometrical forms, inspired by the fractal development of nature, and seeks to make new dimensions visible. One example is Bioplex 6, exposed at the Salon de la Jeune création 2011 at the recent artistic site “104/centquarte” in Paris, that is composed of multiple elements and reflects a new stage in the artist’s research.